We exist to shape a future where business, society and the environment prosper sustainably

We help tackle the big unresolved challenges and find the untapped opportunities. To get there we push beyond traditional boundaries to new solutions, ways of thinking and doing.

A new model

We believe that a new economic model is not only possible but essential. Unlocking the latent potential of people at individual, team, organisation and ecosystem levels can unleash purpose, productivity and optimised outcomes at a Macro, Meso and Micro level.

Four pillars

We create more enabling places, context and conditions for people to flourish and the planet to restore. Key to this is equitable access to: Health & Well-being Economy, Learning Economy, Digital Economy and Circular/Decarbonised Economy.


We are a strategy, transformation and innovation platform business. We work cross sector and value networks to deliver strategy, advisory, market-making, (circular) business model innovation, customer development and targeted systems change. 

We get results – from commercialising early stage technology to multi-billion pound company and ecosystem transitions/transformations.

  Design Thinking

IF’s principled human-centred, problem-focussed        approach to design, create and implement solutions.

  Systems Practice

IF’s holistic approach to re-design better systems across Teams, Organisations, Economies, and Ecosystems.  



We have a track record in working at the leading edge of companies’ strategic vision, successfully shaping strategy, identifying market and macro trends, creating deal flow and new market opportunities, multi-stakeholder value exchanges, and implementation. 

We’re expert in the circular economy and Industry 4.0 as drivers for sustainable and future-proof economic growth. We facilitate C-Suite, Boards and Senior Leadership Teams (SLT’s) to connect their vision to the rest of their organisation and markets generating greater engagement, alignment, efficiency, productivity and margin.


We work with a wide range of organisations – companies from start through scale-up to Fortune 100 businesses and government in both established and emerging markets. Here’s some of the people we’ve helped:

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